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Welcome to the Shroud Wiki! This site contains information about using the Shroud Cloth Simulation Engine and Shroud Studio, developed and maintained by CloakWorks

About the Shroud Simulation Engine

The Shroud Simulation Engine(TM) is a real-time cloth and soft body physics simulation library, designed for use in real time 3D video games and applications. It delivers industry-leading performance while remaining highly flexible and extendable. Shroud is made up of self-contained Controls which can be added and removed to provide the functionality necessary for a particular cloth rig.

About Shroud Studio

Shroud Studio(TM) is a stand-alone application for authoring content for use with the Shroud Simulation Engine. It features a streamlined workflow that allows content creates to create complex cloth rigs, attach them to animated characters, and preview the results of their edits all within an integrate environment.